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The Pressure To Quit…And Other Random Stuff.

January 14, 2013

I’ve noticed something really weird. Since I’ve crossed over the 200 pound mark of lost weight people are really starting to pressure me to quit losing even though I’m not yet satisfied with how I look or feel. I really think another 20/25 pounds or so will do it but no one in my circle seems to agree. From almost every person I hear “I’m happy with the size you are now” or “I think you’ve lost enough weight, you should just maintain now” and this amazes me because most of these people are the same ones who told me before that I was “just fine” the way I was. You know what? I wasn’t just fine and I certainly wasn’t okay and I’ll know when I’ve lost enough. I guess the bigger point is that while everyone else is “ok” with me now I’m not. I still have work to do and I kinda just wish people would let me do it. I’m not mad, just saying.


I crossed the 100 pushup mark today. Pushups were always tough for me even when I was younger. I blame gym class, my gym teacher was, let’s just say, a big man and could never really demonstrate proper technique. When I started my recently paused workout regimen (just started back today, stupid ear infection) I wanted to know how to do proper pushups and master them. My original goal was to do 100 of them in one session, mission accomplished as of today. Thank you to all the YouTube videos I watched demonstrating proper techniques. The first 75 were easy, it was that last 25 that were really killer.


My next life goal is that of general fitness. I don’t want to be a body builder but I would like to tone up quite a bit more than I am. I keep reading that cardio is great for that then I read that it is terrible, not sure what to believe. I’ve spoken to about five personal trainers and all five had different opinions on what I could be doing. We’ll see how this goes and it will probably be deserving of a larger post later.




Lifehacker Weight Loss Article

July 31, 2012

A friend of mine posted that to me today. It was a good story and I have to say it was familiar sounding. He seems to make some of the same realizations I have about refined things and some of the so-called fad diets so I’m mostly just sharing and not criticizing which really is unlike me. 🙂