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Vacation Eating, Trying To Do It Right

June 29, 2012

I’m on quasi-vacation which is my way of saying my doctor told me to get some “real” rest and I translated that into “just don’t go into the office for a bit.” So here I am, still doing some work (the stuff I enjoy anyway) and trying to remember that I can’t just go eat out at restaurants like crazy anymore. We’re out on the Lake Erie shore (by the Ohio Islands and Cedar Point) and, well, restaurants abound. We’ve been here for a day or so and have only gone out to eat once, Mexican (El Mocajete which I will explain and try to recreate later is amazing and ok for me). Most places out here will cook your stuff in PAM instead of butter so that’s a good step I think. 

Anyway today I had eggs for breakfast, grilled chicken and veggies for lunch and my salmon dish for dinner. I didn’t even steal a few kernels of popcorn at the movies (Ted was awesome BTW) like I usually do.  The problem came after dinner when my wife wanted to roast marshmallows, my will power lost and I broke down and had one. Considering that normally I would’ve had seven or eight I guess one is not too bad. The problem is NOW as I’m sitting here typing this post and doing some other work for my “real” job I am CRAVING more. Luckily all the roasted ones are gone and I don’t care much for raw marshmallows. I really hope I don’t gain 20 pounds by the end of this forced exile….wish me luck.