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NoOodle — No Thank You

June 24, 2013

Readers of this blog will remember that I do not like “fake” food but my wife decided I deserved a treat so she wanted to make me one of my favorite old treats, spaghetti and meat sauce, which I really appreciated. She was perusing around the Internet and happened upon NoOodles. Now…she originally complained about the smell which I didn’t get to experience as I wasn’t home when she opened them but when we started eating them we began to see the real problem.

The real problem with this and most “fake” food is the same thing, texture, taste is a separate issue. We both have a real hard time getting past to texture though, these NoOodles had the same texture of “jellyfish tentacles” as my wife said. This was true, there was no denying it. The sauce made it edible but shortly after eating it, I cleaned up the kitchen and asked to never speak of this again.

I wish I could give it a better review or say anything positive at all but I guess that if you make something with 0 calories and 0 carbs and 0 everything then flavor and texture have to go too. Fake food loses again.