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Pork Chop with Rainbow Beets & Potatoes

January 17, 2014

I belong to this cool farmer veggie of the month club ( that basically does all the hard, dirty work for me and ships me fresh veggies once a month, it was my xmas present to myself. I got the second shipment the other day with a real surprise, it had something called “Rainbow beets” in it. I admit I was perplexed because I had never heard of them before so I cut into one and, well, it looks like 1/2 beet and 1/2 potato, I needed no further research, off I went to cook them up. Here is the resulting recipe:

3 small chopped “rainbow” beets

3 small chopped potatoes (you can probably sub something else if you’re being strictly paleo)

1 small chopped onion

chopped green, yellow, red pepper

duck fat

Butter or Garlic infuse olive oil

1 pork chop (prefer bone in)


Start by “greasing” the pan with the duck fat, not too much, a little goes a long way then add in the peppers and onions on low heat until they start to sizzle a little, add in the rainbow beets and potatoes, mix everything up in the pan and cover, increasing the heat to medium. Stir occasionally, it takes about 25 minutes or so for the beets and potatoes to really cook down, I like mine to cut with just a fork so your mileage may vary.

About 1/2 way through this process start heating some olive oil in a grill pan (or just cook the chop on an outdoor grill if it isn’t -30 degrees where you live) and pre-heat your oven to 400, coat the chop in olive oil then salt, pepper and garlic to taste then place in the hot grill pan and sear the chop on each side. Once seared put the pan in the oven for about 6 minutes for medium, more time for more doneness.


Serve over greens and enjoy.


Pork Chop w/ "Rainbow" Beets

Pork Chop w/ “Rainbow” Beets


Kielbasa & Sauerkraut Sauteed With Peppers & Onions

August 18, 2013

Dinner this evening was very good and easy. Enjoy.

When you’re buying kielbasa, or any kind of sausage really, try to know where the sausage comes from, buy local whenever possible. I’m not sure there are any real health benefits to buying stuff locally (though I’m sure some would argue) but it does make good common sense especially with stuff like sausage. There is just something about being able to point to a map and say “I’ve been there” when you’re eating, I dunno what it is. Anyway, I live in Ohio and lucky for us we are rich in sausage making ethnicities so finding great local sausages is usually pretty easy. The kielbasa I used in this dish was local and delicious, I hate sounding cliched but you could almost “taste” the freshness. Anyway….

1 kielbasa (about 1/2 lb or so)

1/2 each diced red, yellow and green peppers

1/4 diced onion

1 Tablespoon of coconut oil

1 Tablespoon garlic powder

2 – 1/2 cups natural/organic sauerkraut, drained

Cut up the 1/2 lb or so of kielbasa and start browning it in coconut oil. Once it is browned add in the tri-color peppers and onions and garlic powder. Once the onions and peppers are cooked down add in the sauerkraut and cook until the sauerkraut is done which should take less than five minutes or so. That’s it.


Kielbasa & Sauerkraut

Kielbasa & Sauerkraut


Roasted Chicken with Cabbage (and Bacon!)

January 14, 2013

Tonight I decided to roast some chicken, well really it was preordained because I’ve been craving it and Boston Market where I would normally get “fast” chicken from now scares me. Side Note: My wife had some forgotten Boston Market in the fridge for like two weeks (yeah I know) and instead of normal food ickiness and stink there was nothing, the food hadn’t changed in two weeks, probably why I didn’t notice it in the back of the fridge. This terrified me and I haven’t had Boston Market since. Anyway back to my chicken now:

Take some cabbage and line a roasting pan with it. Next Pour about 1/2 cup of chicken stock over the cabbage and then break up some bacon over the cabbage, then take your hands and mix it all up. Pour some olive oil generously (but not too generously) over the cabbage and bacon mix.

Remove the innards of your chicken if it came that way (organic, clean, etc chicken is the way to go, we really like Bell & Evans) and wash the bird inside and out, pat dry with a paper towel. Don’t skip that last step or you’ll be sad. Put the bird over the cabbage and bacon coat with olive oil, sprinkle some thyme with salt & pepper over it and place two strips of bacon inside, YES INSIDE the birdie. Cover the roasting pan and bake 425 for an hour. After that, uncover the roasting pan and bake for another 15 minutes or so (juices run clear, proper temperature and all of that) to crisp up the chicken. Take it out, let it rest about ten minutes and enjoy. My wife claimed this was the best chicken and best cabbage I’ve ever made. The bacon just really kicks up the flavor of both the bird and the cabbage. Try it, you’ll like it, unless you hate bacon in which case you are probably a terrorist and should be arrested. 🙂 Pics below, enjoy!


Roast Chicken & Cabbage with Bacon

Roast Chicken & Cabbage with Bacon


Salmon & A Kale/Spinach Saute

January 13, 2013

Tonight I cooked up a recipe similar to my several salmon recipes in the past. This one was different because I used my new favorite The Olive Scene Butter (not really butter) and Garlic Olive oil and dusted the fish with some thyme, seal the fish in foil and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, remove from the oven, open the wrapper and top with some horseradish sauce then put it back in the oven and bake for about five more minutes. Remove from oven and let the fish rest for about five minutes.


When you only have a few minutes left on the fish, take a heavy pan and put some regular olive oil in the pan, heat it up and toss in some onions and chopped garlic, after the onions have started to brown toss in some spinach and toss it in the oil, when the spinach is about half done add in some kale (I used some red kale for the first time, it was amazing) and cook it all down, mixing together the ingredients vigorously. Once that is all done, serve and enjoy.


Salmon, Spinach & Kale

Salmon, Spinach & Kale


Baked Cheeseburgers Redux

January 12, 2013

So tonight the wife is sick so I got to make dinner just for me, a rare occasion. This of course means I get to spice up the food a little since she hates spices. I decided to do just a little variation of my baked cheeseburger recipe from a while ago, here we go.

Do the same as the link above except, when you’re cooking up the onions, add in some jalapeño pepper (to your liking) and a dash or so of cayenne. I also added some Worcestershire sauce to the meat before I patted out the burgers. I topped this with just a little horseradish sauce and a fried egg. The spinach was sautĂ©ed in butter olive oil with garlic and onions. Hope you enjoy.



Paleo Pizza — Not The Real Thing But Pretty Okay

January 12, 2013

I am a pizza fan, always have been probably always will be. Problem is, “real” pizza is bad for me and my body just doesn’t handle it well so I decided to try out some making some paleo pizza. Unlike the paleo bread post this was actually edible. My only complaint (and its probably my fault) is that the crust wasn’t quite crispy enough. Anyway, I followed this recipe with only a few modifications, I used the garlic olive oil from The Olive Scene (my new favorite place) and some Penzey’s Pasta Sprinkle in the crust. I also used Applegate Farms Chicken and Turkey Sweet Italian Sausage and skipped the pumpkin. Here’s some pics, enjoy:


Paleo Pizza

Paleo Pizza


Paleo Bread Or Why I Will Never Eat Bread Again…

January 12, 2013

Today I decided to be adventurous and WOW am I sorry. I followed this recipe ( to the hilt and yeah, I would just rather not have bread again if that’s how it tasted. Obviously I am not an experience bread baker and I don’t blame the author of the recipe at all but it was just gross. Very dry and very dense. I do not recommend it, obviously. Anyway, here’s a picture:



2013-01-11 22.06.22

Paleo Bread

Paleo Bread


Steak & Veggie Stir Fry

September 10, 2012

A couple of things before this recipe. First, don’t buy “stir fry steak” that is pre-cut and pre-packaged unless you know the butcher really well. Most of that kind of stuff is the worst or “left over” cuts of meat that they have laying around. Get yourself a good lean cut of meat (I like lean strip or sirloin) and tenderize it well (beat it, basically) and then slice into small pieces, this will yield a great stir fry. Second, don’t cheap out on the balsamic vinegar, get a good grade of it, you won’t regret it.  Now that we have that out of the way, here we go:


Take a wok, warm it up and allow some Olivio Light to melt in it, add red, yellow and green peppers plus red onions and let them cook a bit, season with salt, pepper, basil and thyme. Add in your steak and let it cook until its seared on all sides but not quite done in the middle. Add in your spinach and then about three tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and cook it down. Finally, add in some already steamed green beans and stir well. This is pretty delicious and a really pretty dish. Enjoy!


Steak & Veggie Stir Fry

Steak & Veggie Stir Fry


Mexican Meatloaf w/ sautĂ©ed Spinach & Green Beans

September 8, 2012

This idea was born out of my desire for something a little different to eat. Hope you enjoy it.

Take 1 and 1/2 pound of quality ground beef, mix in a bowl with sautéed onions (in Olivio), salsa (diced tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, mix and chill for about a hour), reduced fat Mexican blend cheese and two eggs. Form into a loaf and place in a baking dish. Bake for about 75 minutes on 350 and top with cheddar and salsa.

Sauté spinach in a Olivio with onions, peppers and mushrooms with a little fresh lemon juice.

Steam green beans and top with Olivio.

It looks gross but tastes great. 🙂



Vegan Quinoa Croquettes

July 15, 2012

Vegan Quinoa Croquettes.

via Vegan Quinoa Croquettes.