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Well…It Had To Happen Eventually…….

March 19, 2013

Suffering through my first real sickness in over a year, I suppose it was bound to happen. I mean, everyone gets sick, I’m just hoping its not nearly as traumatic/dramatic this time as it has been in the past. I’ve been blaming my sinus issues for feeling this way the last couple of days but as today has gone on it has just gotten worse. I’m hoping it clears up soon because, frankly, I’m not used to feeling like crap anymore and I really don’t like it at all…


Just had to mention…

February 6, 2013

I was having one of my “debate/arguments” that I reference here tonight and ran into the funniest (but shouldn’t be surprising) resistance arguments I’ve ever heard. “I can’t give up wheat, even for a few days, beer is somehow magically made out of wheat and I can’t give up beer.”  Usually I hear “not candy” or “not bread, not ever” and I know personally it was pizza and pasta with me that I could “never” give up but I’ve never heard beer. Honestly I never understood the appeal but that’s probably for a ton of personal reasons. I guess though, if you can’t give up the beer, you’re probably not all that really interested in getting healthier so why ask for advice in the first place? I’m not some mystic fountain of knowledge and I only tell people what worked for me (and I always preface it that way) so it probably won’t work for everyone. I can’t believe though that putting something into you body that so drastically alters your blood chemistry (like alcohol does) can be in any way good for you. I feel the same way about drugs in general both illicit and legal, I always have so this is not a new thing. I made this argument after she said she felt like she could get healthy and lose some weight even while drinking beer which has clearly not worked for her. After this argument I was accused of seeing the world in only “black and white” and not allowing for variations. Again, it was what worked for me, your mileage may vary but I do have logic and rationale behind most of my arguments (sometimes anyway) so at least, if you ask for my advice, have some logic in your replies, what you’re doing isn’t work. I know because what I was doing wasn’t working for a really long time so I’m not attacking you by saying that, I’m saying I know, I’ve been there and still am quite a bit. Okay? Friends? Good…


They Told Me There’d Be Days Like This (Yes They Did)

October 17, 2012

I am completely stuck right now. I’ve been bouncing between the same weight (give or take a few pounds) for quite a while now. It is getting old, very old. I’m getting sick of the food I have to eat and am seriously craving at least some variety…hence the lamb recipe that should’ve never been. I only have about 30 pounds or so more to go and it really is a lot tougher than the first 150, that seemed easier in retrospect. Anyway, I’m mostly just venting and not really complaining because overall I’m in a great place. I fully expect this weekend to yield some far better recipes, etc with more variety because, it is officially Fall, cold and time for cooking.


Self Esteem Is Hard

October 10, 2012

I don’t think people (even bigger people) really understand that big folks usually have lower self esteems or at least lower defenses than “normal” sized folks. Since losing a lot of weight I get all kinds of comments and snide remarks that basically say “you’re a better person now because you’re smaller.” No one seems to get this though I’ve explained it to a few close people that I really am the same person I was before all this, I just wanted to be healthier and losing weight was simply a consequence of that, really no big deal. However this never seems to get through and people are always commenting on this or that, “oh you must’ve had surgery” or “I could never do that, you must be suffering.” The truth is, I’m simply not, I eat pretty well and I’m feeling pretty good, how is that suffering? I know that people don’t really mean anything by it intentionally but deep down a lot of them do. I don’t know what it is and I admit I don’t fully understand most people (this is a problem I’ve had for years) but I assure you I’m not a freak or somehow a different person because I decided to get healthy and acting as if I am is really not helping. It makes me feel like I was somehow bad before and okay now because I look a little different. I’m sure I’m just being overly sensitive.

On the topic of self esteem though, I had to do a photo session last night for a magazine and when I saw the picture I literally did not recognize myself, it was not the same person I see in the mirror every morning and it was startling. It felt weird but I was kinda proud of myself. The photographer asked me why I was startled so I replied with how much weight I had lost and that I hadn’t really seen many pictures of myself, his response? “Want a doughnut?” He then went immediately to my personal favorite “so you had surgery right” and believe me it wasn’t phrased in the form of a question, more of an accusation. Basically that there was simply no way anyone could do that solely through diet alone because he couldn’t when he tried. Again that’s just my impression and I’m sure I’m just taking it all the wrong way but wanted to rant about it. I’ve never been the most sensitive or empathetic person on the planet but I would like to think if someone told me about a major accomplishment in their life that I wouldn’t try to cheapen it or accuse them of cheating. That’s just me I guess.




Apparently Fat People Can’t Work In TV?

October 2, 2012

Read this:

Thought this:

Apparently it is this newsperson’s job to be skinny to please some cretin that wrote a letter. I’m so glad to see this and that it at least seems like management is standing behind her. Our society (and I know this is an exaggeration) is filled with people who think, just because someone is on TV, helping them in a restaurant or store that that person has to be subjected to their ignorance and vile comments. I’ve seen people just be downright rude to cashiers in a store simply for not giving them their change “fast enough.” I always thought it was weird that we judge people by such high standards yet usually fail to live up on them. I would love to know what this person does for a living and how he/she looks affects that job. Where does it end? Should someone with a big nose get plastic surgery because their nose offends someone? I’ve read this story a couple of times and I’m trying to understand how a public personality has some special responsibility to be a certain way or look a certain way, that whole line of thinking never made sense to me.

If you need a role model in your life to achieve something or to do something that is obviously better for you then you are not properly motivating yourself. You should do it (in this case lose weight) because you want to and it is better for you and not because some moron has decided you are offending society by having a job on TV. Being overweight is not a disease (in my opinion), it is an excuse to not change bad habits and sometimes (though rarely) it is a medical problem and can’t be helped. I used to use the same excuses, “oh I’m sick so it’s okay that I’m big” or “I’ll get around to losing weight when I feel better” so I know what I’m talking about here.  Once I stopped letting myself make that excuse I was able to lose a lot of weight. Again, I’m not claiming to be perfect or know everything but I do know this, being rude or bullying a bigger person will not lead to them making a change. Is being smaller better than being big? Yes, I can say that unequivocally but I can also tell you that I didn’t decide to change my habits because of what someone else thought, I did it for myself and I’m the toughest bully (to myself) that I’ve ever run across. The point is that this person is lashing out at this reporter because she should lose some weight to make that person happy and to correct some perceived slight on so-called impressionable youth. I assure you  Letter Writer person that no young person, impressionable or not, will decide to be big because some reporter on TV is big, the problem is much deeper but I don’t expect you to understand that because you are clearly perfect in every way.


The Net Carb Conundrum In Five Parts

September 28, 2012

As I approach my goal weight and more importantly managed to keep my blood sugar under control I’ve started planning my post-diet life where I basically maintain more of a low carb than no carb diet but far more balanced than what I’m doing now. During this process I’ve repeatedly heard the term “Net Carb” over and over and over. Today I decided to do some googling to try to figure out what it really means because, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m trying to remain educated on my food choices. Here’s what I’ve learned in five parts:

1) Net Carbs were made up by food companies (my favorite people), basically so they could get on board the low-carb bandwagon a few years ago (this is pretty common on the Atkins packaging, the food will have 22 carbs yet allegedly only 2 net carbs). The idea is that you can subtract fiber and sugar alcohols that don’t impact blood sugar or aren’t absorbed by the body.

2) Are net carbs lies? It is apparently really tricky because it is true that you can subtract certain kinds of sugar alcohols and fibers from the total carbs, it is pretty impossible for the casual observer to know exactly how much of each ingredient is in the whole product. It is confusing on purpose I think because my hunch is it is a scam at worst and at best a gimmick.

3) Avoid products that even say net carbs. My informal survey of my local grocery store shows that by and large they are full of chemicals and other hideous things and horribly break my somewhat strict (though not totally) five ingredient rule.

4) If you don’t have a somewhat strict five ingredient rule then by all means, experiment, eat some of this stuff and see how it affects your blood sugar but be safe about it, some of this stuff has A LOT of carbs net or not in them and if you’re on insulin that can be disastrous if the food companies’ math is wrong and as history has shown their math is almost always wrong or at least misleading.

5) Science is hard and it doesn’t always come out the way food companies would like…so they fix that by basically lying about the  science. There is no real science behind net carbs it is guessing how a given ingredient will affect you, they can’t really know that but they make it sound so good. If you’re diabetic and someone says “no it’s cool, you can eat this chocolate covered granola, peanut butter and caramel bar without any impact on your blood sugar!” They are LYING to you! Flat out. Sure, it might not spike your reading by as much as say a Hershey’s bar but a Hershey’s bar might actually be better for you overall, let’s compare:

You can see on the label that they break out the various carbs they’re subtracting out so magically all that chocolate, peanuts, caramel and whatever nougat is only adds up to 3, yes THREE net carbs. See how this is dangerous? See all those bigger stars? That references the fact that those claims have not been evaluated by the FDA, know what? That’s right, because they’re lies. Look at that ingredient list, it is a mile long. Wanna know what’s in a Hershey’s bar?


Yep that’s it. now when we look at the calories and everything else nutrition-wise a Hershey’s bar is pretty much a no-no all around:

Serving Size: 43.00 g
Amount per Serving: 1
Total Calories 210
Calories from Fat 110
Amount Per Serving %DV *
Total Fat 13 g 20%
   Saturated Fat 8 g 40%
   Trans Fat g
Cholesterol 10 mg 3%
Sodium 35 mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 26 g 9%
   Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%
   Sugars 24 g
Protein 3 g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 8%
Iron 2%

It is very nearly 10% of your daily carb intake so really maybe okay for a meal replacement or heavy snack in a healthy person but probably not with all that fat, it is over 50% fat. So really neither choice is very good for you but at least the Hershey’s Bar isn’t lying to you about it and is up front about its intentions.

The moral of the story is, be careful what you eat and if you’re hungry eat an Apple or Banana, they don’t have nutrition labels, know why? They don’t need them, they’re pretty good for you all around.

** This post is a little hypocritical because I do occasionally have an Atkins protein shake for breakfast if I’m in a hurry but I don’t make a habit out of it, they have little actual carbs and, well, I’m not perfect. I do intend to phase them out completely for more natural low carb smoothies once I’m at my goal but yeah their bars are out of the question, after doing this research I’m throwing the ones I do have out.


Atkins Meal Replacement Bar

Hershey’s Bar

Required WebMD Link


Freezing…And It Is Only 50

September 23, 2012

So…this was the first “cold” weekend we’ve really had in NorthEast Ohio 

and yeah, I am paying for it. Apparently when you lose over 150 pounds you lose your insulation and wow am I losing it. I mean all weekend long I’ve been physically shivering and unable to get warm. I used to LOVE the cold weather and lived for weekends like this, around 50 degrees F with some rain. Yeah, I USED to love it but now I can seriously do without it. I guess it is a whole winter of space heaters, sweaters and big coats for me. Luckily I was able to pick up some new sweaters (that actually fit) for way cheat since I’m no longer a giant. I guess you gotta take the good with the bad. Sorry for ranting, thanks for reading.


Medical Blues

August 4, 2012

Before I started this journey several of my doctors (I have 4) told me it would all be worth it. I would feel so much better and be so much healthier and all that. You wanna know what? I really don’t. I still have a virtually persistent headache and my fatigue level is worse than 100 pounds ago it seems. I certainly feel better about myself for doing this and succeeding so far but my primary goal, feeling better still eludes me. Oh well perhaps that last 50 pounds will make a difference. We’ll see….


Beware The Cheerleaders

July 29, 2012

When you lose a lot of weight you will start to notice certain groups of people. Well OK maybe if you’re weird like me you do and one of these groups are the cheerleaders. Usually they know about your achievement because someone tells them, I talk about my weight and health in this blog but I don’t meet random people and say “nice to meet you I’ve lost…” That would be weird so normally other people tell them, family, friends or whatever. That’s when you’ll notice the cheerleaders.

They mean well, saying things like “congratulations!” That is almost always followed by an exasperated “I could NEVER do that” where they go on to tell you how they could never lose that nagging five pounds or could never refuse that pie or cookie. Here’s the rub cheerleaders are almost always smaller people without a weight problem, they’re never people who have to lose large amounts, they’re always people with five or six pounds to lose. I think it is really a lack of empathy on their part to realize that all weight loss is not the same. You can lose five pounds by cutting out soda for a week or so and drink more water, it is quite another to lose the amount of weight the cheerleader weighs.

Some of this is the result of my obsessive people watching and borderline manic need to classify people and yet a lot of it is genuine annoyance that people can’t just be happy for someone and move on. This is the same phenomena I’ve noticed when you have an older relative or pet, inevitably someone comments  “your grandmother is sick? That’s awful, I remember when I had to put my dog down.” Do they really think that helps?


Sugar, Sugar, Everywhere

June 22, 2012

I read this article yesterday (–sector.html) basically about personal responsibility and how the government should not intervene because the big, bad cola companies want to keep serving their sugary concoctions. I have to tell you I’m very torn. I’m very much a live and let live sort of person and would consider myself at least a reasonably bright guy who thinks the government screws up everything its involved with but soda is really only part of the problem with diabetes and obesity. Prior to actually being diagnosed with diabetes (years ago) I was drinking 5 or 6 20 oz bottles of Coke a day when I found out, I quit, cold turkey or so I thought. I hadn’t quit, I merely switched to diet soda. This caused a modest drop in my blood sugar and my weight but not nearly as significant as one would think given that kind of consumption. Want to know why? I’m glad you asked

Even though I had undergone at that time (circa 2004) some diabetes eduction training (don’t drink soda, don’t eat candy, exercise, blah blah blah) there was surprisingly little in there about nutrition. I figured, I got rid of all the bad stuff in soda and candy so I should pretty set and in listening to the training from both the hospital and insurance companies I should’ve been. The training was simply wrong, dead wrong and it took a few years and several events for me to figure out just how wrong. It stressed only removing the “bad” sugars as they were called at the time and not overall sugar so I and many others I suspect focused on the bad stuff. Soda, candy and any sugary treats were all gone. The problem is that’s only half the story really.

What I have learned on my current journey through massive weight loss and really trying to get better overall is that what really matters is overall sugar and carbohydrate consumption not just the bad stuff but all of it. The rub, as they say is it isn’t all that easy to discern what the carb count is in a lot of foods. I mean sure, you can look at the side of the box but I have to tell you, even now that I’ve learned a lot of this stuff, labels are pretty hard to read intelligently. Now you have a whole ranking system of carbs and it is very confusing (my nutritionist put it simply, it is “lying”).  If the government wanted to do something useful, they could force labels to be more clear and talk in consistent serving sizes. There’s no reason for them to be deceptive, people are going to eat what they want regardless but it helps for people who are trying to be cautious or need to be to figure out what is actually going on in the food. Sugar on its own I don’t think is bad for you, it is just the large amount we get, sometimes unknowingly, that really get you. I know of people, some I consider intelligent say “hey these cookies aren’t THAT bad, only 24 grams of carbs in here” and now when I point out that that is just in a single 1/4 teaspoon. Do you know anyone that only eat a 1/4 teaspoon of a cookie? I sure don’t.

Also I’m not trying to be preachy here, I’m just putting this out there because I’ve had to learn this stuff the very hard way. Hopefully someone else can save themselves some anguish when they come across this post. My new food motto is “No more than five or six ingredients and it has to be recognizable on my plate” — I think that’s a pretty simple motto to stick with, hopefully it keeps working. BTW, since changing my life around like this, my blood sugar readings have gone from around 230 to a consistent 85-90 no matter when I test. It does work.