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My Industry Makes Me Fat

January 18, 2013

Okay not really but as I sit here on a Friday night, working, I can’t help but crave pizza and sugary pop. I haven’t had a sugary pop in almost 9 years but I’m craving one. Instead though, I ate my left over turkey tenderloin and brussel sprouts and a bottle of water so good for me. I may indulge in a brownie I just got from the wonderful Julian Bakery or possibly s lighter protein bar if we head out to the movies later tonight. What I’m learning is that yes, it is about planning, it is also about just having things around the house so you’re not too tempted to pick up the phone and order pizza or have something sweet. I think it doesn’t help that in my industry (computer stuff) I sit around all day and like to eat at my computer. I am surviving though, patience, planning and a lot of discipline  and really just digging the way I look right now gets me through.  🙂