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Oh Don’t Mind Him, He’s Just (Gluten) Sensitive

February 5, 2013

What follows is just a comment on this: so go ahead and read it, I’ll wait.

Now I have no idea  if my problems are really related to gluten or really even sugar for that matter but I do know that I feel worlds better without either thing in my life. If I eat something that might have have either thing I can actually “feel” myself not feeling well. Again that could totally be all in my head and you know what? I’m totally fine with that. I can cite all of my various numbers that have skyrocketed since starting as “evidence” that eating unprocessed, no gluten and no added sugar foods has helped me dramatically. I could do that but that would not be very scientific as I also started working a little more, working on my mental health a little more and really just paying more attention to my well-being and “listening” to what my body needs as opposed to what it really wants.

That last point is the most important one and I have this debate with people all the time, so-called “food junkies” and people that just can’t give up pasta or pizza (I can say whatever I want, I was one). I say debate, it is really an argument because people (much like I used to) get very emotional about their favorite foods so even though they ask me for advice, etc they get mad when I give it. I’m not much of a preacher so I try not to offer unsolicited opinions (about this any way). Basically it goes like this, if you want to get healthy (healthier in my case anyway as I don’t think 100% healthy is really within my reach) no you cannot have that slice of pizza and no you cannot eat cereal three times a day, I don’t care if the box says it is made with whole-grains. No you cannot lose weight by eating anything you want because the famous person on TV said you can, that person has all day to work out to make up for any slip-ups, do you? It requires a certain will power and discipline and the honest desire to want to feel better. I think this last part is really important, like I said before, I didn’t really start eating this way to lose weight, that was just a side effect, I got into this because I wanted to feel better and it was really my last shot at feeling better. Like most things in life, it starts with your mental health and then kinda flows from there. If you’re feeling miserable, sad, lethargic and are sick all the time, think about what you’re putting into your body and try to do better one meal at a time. That’s the best advice I can give anyone.

As for what this all has to do with the post I referenced earlier you ask? Simple. When you hear someone say “eat better” they are typically, if they like you anyway, not talking about the current flock of gluten free foods and over-processed “health” bars. They’re talking about whole foods and vegetables and cooking with, if not no butter, then greatly reduced butter. They’re talking about eating a piece of lean meat instead of something with 20 ingredients with 18 of them being chemicals and none of them being the thing its supposed to taste like. This is, sadly, what most food has become, processed to death, additives that you can’t pronounce with flavors and colors not found anywhere in nature. This applies to all of you militant vegans too, why do you need “vegan sausage,” its not sausage, it is processed plant parts and is really no better for you than a cheeseburger in a lot of cases. I just like to include my vegan friends in my rants, that’s all. I just think a lot of this food should be illegal, I saw a peanut butter & jelly protein bar with no peanuts and no jelly….why is it legal to call it peanut butter and jelly? It just shouldn’t be. We need to return to a world where food is food. If you want to be a vegetarian then eat vegetables, not “chicken” burgers. If you want to eat meat, eat meat, not hormone filled, antibiotic injected meat “product.” Eating is seriously the most important thing you do all day, why are we all so committed to doing it wrong?

End Rant.