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The GREATEST Breakfast Recipe EVER! Okay Not Really, Just Eggs & Tomatoes

August 20, 2013

I don’t know what the love affair with eggs that all the cool Paleo people have is all about but they’re pretty tasty. I’ve cooked eggs in just about every way imaginable but some mornings there’s just nothing like some simple fried eggs except when you add tomatoes! I first did this over an open wood fire and it was exceptional but I was lazy this morning and wasn’t cooking anything else so I didn’t want to go starting a fire just for a few eggs and a couple tomatoes so I did this one over the stove, still good though. Enjoy!

3 Incredible Edible Eggs (clever huh? Preferably free range, clean fed hens, etc)

1 tomato

salt, pepper, garlic powder

coconut oil


Fry the eggs to your liking (I prefer over medium) in the melted coconut oil and season to taste, flip once. Once they’re flipped drop two slices of tomato in the skillet and get them nice and warm, seasoning to taste. Serve eggs over tomatoes. Couldn’t be simpler.


Eggs & Tomatoes

Eggs & Tomatoes


Eggs with No Hormone/Antibiotic/Filler Stuff Ham & Horseradish Sauce

July 1, 2013

Hungry again this morning. Made this quick breakfast:

Coconut oil in a pan, put two slices of yummy ham without all the crap in them and cook until both sides brown a little. Simultaneously, place some chopped onions and peppers next to them, stirring them up often to prevent burning. Remove ham, crack two eggs and fry up until they’re the way you like them. Serve peppers over eggs and some horseradish sauce over the ham. Took less than ten minutes to prepare, low in fat ( sorta) and high in protein.



Chicken Sausage Scramble

June 28, 2013

Woke up hungry, which I guess is good considering all that’s going on right now. Here’s what I made:

Heat some olive oil in a skillet add in some cut up chicken sausage and brown it. Toss in some onions, red peppers, yellow peppers and green pepper and salt/pepper to taste, cook until sausage is done and onions are caramelized In a bowl, beat three eggs, add in a tablespoon of melted ghee. Remove sausage/pepper combo to a plate, pour egg mixture into pan and scramble eggs over medium heat until done. Season with salt, pepper and paleo powder, serve over sausage/pepper combo. Enjoy.

Picture would be here if Dropbox photo upload worked all the time. :(. Will edit with pic when able.


Steak, Eggs & @JulianBakery Paleo Powder

March 15, 2013

The other day I woke up HUNGRY. I had worked out twice the day before, ran around all that day and was pretty tired otherwise. I figured this would be a great wake-me-up plus you know, I really like steak and eggs and the addition of Julian Bakery’s Paleo Powder simply made it all the better. Here’s the recipe, enjoy:



Coat with a little olive oil (I use the not Butter Butter flavor from The Olive Scene) then season well with the Paleo Power. Broil on one side for 7 minutes and then flip to the other side for 6 minutes. This came out about medium for me but my oven is very odd and probably needs replacing or repairing. Anyway, it was simple and delicious, perfect breakfast steak.



Beat two eggs together, pour them into a skillet and, well, scramble them up. Put some Paleo Powder on them for an extra kick and when they’re nearly done, I added some goat cheese. These were pretty fantastic eggs and I’ve made them a few times since, great every time.



Steak & Eggs

Steak & Eggs


Roasted Chicken, Peppers & Goat Cheese Dinner Omelet (Bacon Optional)

March 1, 2013

Nothing about this recipe makes it “dinner” other than the fact that I had it for dinner tonight. It was made out of my roasted chicken recipe from the other night.  First take pull leftover chicken breast off the birdie and put it aside. Put some yellow, red and green peppers in some olive oil (garlic from The Olive Scene for me) and cook them until soft, adding in the chicken to warm it up midway through. Once that is done, put it to the side and then beat three eggs together, pour them into your favorite omelet pan, cook until eggs set. Once the eggs are set, put the pepper/chicken mix over the eggs and then add your goat cheese, fold, remove from pan and enjoy. Easy dinner.


Roasted Chicken, Pepper & Goat Cheese Omelet

Roasted Chicken, Pepper & Goat Cheese Omelet


Fajita (ugly) Omelet, OK, Scramble

July 27, 2012

Ugly eggs strike again!! I used egg beaters for this but it was still good. Saute chicken, onions, mushrooms together. When nearly done, add spinach and fajita seasoning mix it all together and then remove from heat and pan. Pour two servings of egg beaters in the pan and put back on heat until it starts to set. Add chicken mixture back in and put a Mexican blend of cheeses and salsa over mixture. Fold egg together and let it cook a bit more. Top with cheese and salsa and enjoy. Hope yours is prettier than mine. 🙂



Fajita Steak & Cheesy Taco Eggs

July 26, 2012

No real shock here, I LOVE Mexican food or at least I did. More on that later, tonight it was late and I had a very early breakfast and an earlier than usual lunch so I was HUNGRY. According to my eating plan, I hadn’t had quite enough calories today and I was really behind on the protein count so this lovely idea popped into my head.

Earlier in the week my wife bought some steak we hadn’t yet prepared and I had some eggs, really the most important part of eating right is a part I’m failing at currently, grocery shopping regularly. Anyway, I had my two basic ingredients so I proceeded.


Cut your steak up into strips and put into a non-stick skillet (I usually put a little Olivio in for good measure), sprinkle in either some garlic powder or fresh garlic and let it cook up. Before the steak is done add in some fajita seasoning (I use Penzey’s brand seasonings, if you don’t have a Penzey’s nearby I THINK you can order their spices online, totally worth it) and toss the steak around a bit, then remove from heat. In the same pan, crack open two eggs and sprinkle chicken taco seasoning (also Penzey’s) flip the eggs over when ready (however you want them, could scramble them too) then cover with some low-fat cheddar or mexican blend cheeses. It was a spur of the moment thing, took less than 20 minutes to prep and cook and was quite delicious despite the poor picture. 🙂


Fajita Steak & Cheesy Taco Eggs

Fajita Steak & Cheesy Taco Eggs