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One Oh Three and Counting

July 26, 2012

Today, I finally crossed the 100 pound threshold! I know it is mostly a meaningless benchmark but there is something about that number that just tickles me pink. Anyway enough pride, this was a lot of work so if you’re trying really hard to drop weight, keep me in mind, if I can do it anyone can. I know, I know lots of folks say that but please remember, I did it with almost no desire to actually lose weight, doctors putting me on steroid regularly so I could breath (pneumonia among other reasons) and a wife who LOVES to bake. Believe me as I go deeper into the whole “healthy” world I realize more and more why I resisted it for so long. It can suck! The end goal seems to be worth it, I like the fact that my clothes don’t fit, even though I complain about it and I don’t mind shopping much anymore. I’m far from small just yet but the local merchants no longer look at me like I’m an alien because I need a 5x shirt and I no longer have to shop in the “big man’s” sections. I think this weekend I might go buy some crappy clothes at Old Navy, not because I want them or will wear them but just because it’s a “normal” people’s store and now I can shop there. 🙂