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Failing Forward or How I Learned Creamy Dairy Is Bad For Me

July 31, 2012

I cheated on my new lifestyle again. Okay, okay, okay go ahead and bash me, call me horrible names but as I’ve said before I refuse to feel terrible because I let myself enjoy something delicious once in a while, it’s just not going to happen. This time, however, I do feel terrible but not because of the little green monster, oh no, I feel terrible because I believe I have a discovered an allergic reaction I didn’t know I had. I seem to be allergic to milk or at least Ice Cream.

Last night my wife way dying for a sundae and she wasn’t feeling well so I drove her to our local Ice Cream shop (Mitchell’s for those local) and it is really good stuff. Ice cream, candy, cakes, etc was never my real problem when it came to eating, my problem was always the rich, carb-filled food that I loved to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not really sweets. This logic played into my “one small ice cream cone won’t hurt me” decision. Well, guess what it did! Not in the losing weight department, I was down two more pounds this morning but in the “I don’t feel so good” department. I’ve always had sinus problems and I’ve always loved milk, I never put two and two together until today.

About two months into this journey I noticed that I no longer woke up (sorry) with a phlegm filled throat or nose. I woke up with the ability to breath and it was awesome. Sure I still had the occasional sinus issue, stuffy nose when the pollen count is high, stuff like that but definitely less severe than before. After my ice cream indiscretion last night though, I woke up this morning completely phlegm filled, had difficulty breathing and needed about a gallon of water before it all cleared up, it was pretty messed up. Cheese doesn’t seem to affect me this way so currently this is just a theory and I have no other evidence other than this. Will update more as I learn it but yeah, generally, one of my favorite things (milk) has seemingly turned against me.