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Spinach and Chicken Sausage Omelet Plus Victory For Pretty Eggs

July 7, 2012

Everyone who reads or has ever had me cook them breakfast knows I am capable of making tasty eggs, pretty however has always escaped me, until this morning. 🙂  FINALLY I made what I consider to be a pretty omelet. The trick that I’ve read 10000 times but failed to internalize was giving the eggs a little time past when they’re “set” before folding. This method gives the eggs time to solidify so they don’t fall apart and become a horrible looking scramble. Anyway, simple recipe coming up.

Chop up some chicken sausage (I prefer minimally processed stuff but something about chicken sausage just has so much flavor), saute it in Olivio (yum). Once done move to a paper towel covered pan to drain off any excess Olivio. Crack two whole eggs (or three eggs worth of whites) into a bowl and mix well (I use a fork) then pour it into the pan covering the whole bottom with egg. I usually spice with garlic salt (because I hate regular salt), pepper and a high quality chili powder. The chili powder just adds something extra. Once the eggs are set, add your spinach and sausage to one side, top with cheese and then fold gently. Sometimes I will then top the fold with cheese and tomatoes for extra flavor, just not this morning. Enjoy.


Pretty Little Eggs

Pretty Little Eggs