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Little Did I Know….

January 1, 2013

It’s New Year’s Day and little did I know that one year after I promised myself I would get “healthy” that I would be so well on my way. I’m nearly 200 pounds lighter, no blood sugar control problems and my immune system disorder is in check (if the blood work is to be believed anyway). All in all I would say that 2012 was a pretty good year, health-wise anyway and as I reflect on it now one year on there are just a litany of lessons that I would like to share but really don’t want to be “preachy.” If preachiness bothers you though then tune out now. 🙂 Here we go…


Little did I know that losing weight could be relatively “easy.”  Before this year I would’ve told you that “I’m just a big guy” or “my whole family is big, there is little hope for me,”  I realize now those were all just convenient excuses to avoid doing something I didn’t want to do in the first place. I’m really glad I did it though.

Little did I know that after losing all that weight I would have to buy new clothes. Okay that one isn’t fair, I knew that but I didn’t realize how quickly I would have to do that.

Little did I know that fixing my diet would have so many different effects on me. The primary one (outside of general health) being that I can think a lot more clearly and am far less unfocused than I was in 2011. This is a good thing.

Little did I know that I would suddenly be more interested in physical activities. I always hated working out and viewed only a “necessary” evil that I did sparingly. I’ve come to enjoy parts of it a lot more and am doing more biking (well not now because we have like two feet of snow) but will do more in the spring. Its the same with running, it is something I’m getting more and more interested in and will try to learn a lot more about it before I really do it, a goal for this year is to try to run at least a 1/2 marathon, we’ll see.

Little did I know and loosely related to the one above, did you know it was possible for your feet to shrink? I sure didn’t. I went from a size 12, sometimes 13 to a size 9.5 sometimes 10. This was a really weird one for me because as a lot of people will tell you, I love shoes. It was sort of a mixed blessing, I had to get rid of my shoes I liked but had to buy more.

Little did I now (and this is a big one) that so many people viewed me as “fat.” I guess I knew they did but it really comes out when you lose a lot of weight. Everyone is so “proud” and so “happy” for me, was I that terrible of a big guy? I guess so. Anyway, this was a big one for me because it really did change how I perceived myself before this and how I perceive myself now. Self-altering events are always big.

The biggest lesson I learned though was that losing weight and getting healthier is not an insurmountable undertaking, it can be done. That is the biggest thing I learned that I did not know before. I thought it would take years if it ever happened and it just hasn’t. Eating affects everything you do, how you feel as well as how you look. Try just eating a little better this year (add a salad to every meal) and see if you feel better. I sure do.