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Roasted Turkey & Asparagus

October 11, 2012

Get yourself a turkey breast, preferably free range, no antibiotics or any of that. Coat a roasting pan with Olivio and chop off some asparagus spears and line the pan with them. Put the turkey breast on top of the spears, season with thyme and basil. Pour about 1/2 cup of water with two chicken bouillon cube and bake at 325 until the breast reaches about 155 or so. Best asparagus I’ve ever made.



Herb Rubbed Steak, Steamed Asparagus & Peas

September 9, 2012

Take two steaks, about an inch thick and pat them dry. Let them sit out of refrigerator until about room temperature. Mix together basil, thyme, garlic, oregano and crushed red pepper then rub on both sides of the steak. Place steak in a broiler pan and broil for about twelve to fifteen minutes and despite what the internet may say flip the steak about half way through. Put a pat of Olivio on the steak while still hot for a nice glaze. Let the steak rest four or fie minutes.

In a steamer, steam asparagus spears and peas until firm it tender, top with Olivio and Parmesan cheese for great flavor.



Herb Rubbed Steak


Asparagus – Long May It Rein

July 10, 2012

I LOVE Asparagus, it is among my favorite vegetables and might some day supplant spinach as my most favorite. I can pretty much eat it any way you can make it, sometimes even raw but it has to be really fresh for that. Today, I sautéed it in Olivio (switched to Olivio Light today and can’t tell much difference) and crushed garlic with a little Mural of Flavor and wow was it good. I like asparagus so much that the steak I grilled with it I considered a side dish, isn’t that messed up? Anyway my wife will only eat it once a week so it will be relegated to lunchtime treat status for the rest of the week. Next week though I might post some of my more experimental recipes with it.


Anyway, chop the asparagus in half (leaving really just a little more than the tips) and melt some Olivio in a pan. Take some crushed garlic, a little black pepper and stir that up into the Olivio as it melts. Once it is all mixed together and appropriately melted add in your asparagus tips. Sauté it until the tips are tender but still have a little snap to them. It is delicious. The grilled steak was just grilled steak, seasoned with basil, garlic and thyme, seared on both sides then covered and grilled until done. It was a quick and tasty dinner.