2013 — I really hated you

January 17, 2014

So 2013 was pretty much the most horrible year I have ever had on earth, I won’t go into details because its none of your business but lets just leave it at it was pretty awful. As a result, I didn’t work out quite as much as I wanted to nor did I eat strictly the way I needed to. I ate foods that I knew would make sick (and trigger my allergies) and why? Well I’m not sure, I think it was to punish myself for all the horrible things that happened or maybe just because I wanted them, I don’t know. Here we are mid-January and I’m back to my strict, disciplined ways minus the working out, its really hard to do with double ear infections and a sinus infection, that should start back next week. 

I sometimes and this was especially true last year, feel like I am being horribly selfish with my dietary restrictions even though I don’t have a choice with most of them and my workout regimen even though that keeps my lungs moving the way they need to and I am convinced helps prevent pneumonia. I think or at least I want to believe this is a common problem for people who were extremely unhealthy and are just trying to maintain their new way of being. I hope I’m not alone in all of this anyway because then it would be proof I’m as weird as I’m accused of being. Anyway the moral of the story is 2013 sucked and I really hated it, I hope 2014 is better for everyone. 

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