Embarking On A Brave, New Workout Program…

March 5, 2013

Maybe, We’ll see. Joining a gym and getting a trainer sounds like a great idea to me…so we’ll see if it really is. I’m thinking if I’m paying for it I will be more inclined to actually go do it and see more results than I’m seeing now, we’ll see. I’ll keep this post updated a bit as I go through it and decide what I’m doing. I think this will be as important a decision for me as the one about eating better was, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  I’ve been keeping pretty steady on it (even though my hatred of working out is on the record) but just not going as hard as I know I can and should be doing. I even found a way to slack off at cross fit so you know that’s sad. Anyway, here’s hoping this is better. Updates to come.

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