Just had to mention…

February 6, 2013

I was having one of my “debate/arguments” that I reference here tonight and ran into the funniest (but shouldn’t be surprising) resistance arguments I’ve ever heard. “I can’t give up wheat, even for a few days, beer is somehow magically made out of wheat and I can’t give up beer.”  Usually I hear “not candy” or “not bread, not ever” and I know personally it was pizza and pasta with me that I could “never” give up but I’ve never heard beer. Honestly I never understood the appeal but that’s probably for a ton of personal reasons. I guess though, if you can’t give up the beer, you’re probably not all that really interested in getting healthier so why ask for advice in the first place? I’m not some mystic fountain of knowledge and I only tell people what worked for me (and I always preface it that way) so it probably won’t work for everyone. I can’t believe though that putting something into you body that so drastically alters your blood chemistry (like alcohol does) can be in any way good for you. I feel the same way about drugs in general both illicit and legal, I always have so this is not a new thing. I made this argument after she said she felt like she could get healthy and lose some weight even while drinking beer which has clearly not worked for her. After this argument I was accused of seeing the world in only “black and white” and not allowing for variations. Again, it was what worked for me, your mileage may vary but I do have logic and rationale behind most of my arguments (sometimes anyway) so at least, if you ask for my advice, have some logic in your replies, what you’re doing isn’t work. I know because what I was doing wasn’t working for a really long time so I’m not attacking you by saying that, I’m saying I know, I’ve been there and still am quite a bit. Okay? Friends? Good…

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