Workout Program Rut

January 20, 2013

So I’m kinda stuck in a rut with my workout program. I’m still pretty regular with it and am seeing results but it is boring and repetitive and I just don’t love it like I feel like I should. Now if you recall dear readers, I have always hated exercise but I’m trying to really stay at it so that the 200 pounds I’ve lost don’t all become flab hanging off my arms and belly. What else is out there (please don’t say crossfit or p90x because the hipster-hater in me will come out and the results won’t be pretty. 🙂 ). I’m thinking about taking up running (well taking it up more seriously than I am now) and possibly more biking in the Spring (love biking) but need something indoors that doesn’t make me want to yawn all the time. All input with the above no-hipster restrictions appreciated. Thanks.


  1. What will it mean to you if you don’t continue to work out? How will you feel? Who will it affect in your life? Also, if you do, what will it mean to you when you’ve lost the weight? What things will you be able to do then that you can’t do now?

    • That’s the thing that bugs me. I’ve lost all this weight with mostly nutrition. I mean, I work out but I honestly don’t put a lot into it. For some reason I worked out harder when I was heavier, maybe it was just more difficult? I don’t know. I only have another 20 pounds or so before I’m at my final goal so I will probably wait until I’m there and am eating a few more calories a day to make a decision.

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