Roasted Chicken with Cabbage (and Bacon!)

January 14, 2013

Tonight I decided to roast some chicken, well really it was preordained because I’ve been craving it and Boston Market where I would normally get “fast” chicken from now scares me. Side Note: My wife had some forgotten Boston Market in the fridge for like two weeks (yeah I know) and instead of normal food ickiness and stink there was nothing, the food hadn’t changed in two weeks, probably why I didn’t notice it in the back of the fridge. This terrified me and I haven’t had Boston Market since. Anyway back to my chicken now:

Take some cabbage and line a roasting pan with it. Next Pour about 1/2 cup of chicken stock over the cabbage and then break up some bacon over the cabbage, then take your hands and mix it all up. Pour some olive oil generously (but not too generously) over the cabbage and bacon mix.

Remove the innards of your chicken if it came that way (organic, clean, etc chicken is the way to go, we really like Bell & Evans) and wash the bird inside and out, pat dry with a paper towel. Don’t skip that last step or you’ll be sad. Put the bird over the cabbage and bacon coat with olive oil, sprinkle some thyme with salt & pepper over it and place two strips of bacon inside, YES INSIDE the birdie. Cover the roasting pan and bake 425 for an hour. After that, uncover the roasting pan and bake for another 15 minutes or so (juices run clear, proper temperature and all of that) to crisp up the chicken. Take it out, let it rest about ten minutes and enjoy. My wife claimed this was the best chicken and best cabbage I’ve ever made. The bacon just really kicks up the flavor of both the bird and the cabbage. Try it, you’ll like it, unless you hate bacon in which case you are probably a terrorist and should be arrested. 🙂 Pics below, enjoy!


Roast Chicken & Cabbage with Bacon

Roast Chicken & Cabbage with Bacon


  1. wow this sounds yummy, i’ll have to try it!

  2. […] is just a variation of my various roast chicken recipes but the addition of the paleo powder over basic salt, pepper, etc was a great idea. Seriously, […]

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