The Funny Things You Think About…And Didn’t Know You Were Thinking

January 11, 2013

I realized this the other day when I was on a clothes shopping trip (which unlike most men, I don’t mind all that much especially as I’m dropping all this weight) and I noticed something weird. I was actually looking at white shirts and red shirts. I used to avoid these colors like the plague because, well, they made me look fat. Mind you I WAS fat but that never really entered into my mind. I still avoid red shirts because they still make me look like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day float but suddenly I have white shirts and I don’t hate them! I have added some other colors to my wardrobe too so I have way more colors than just blue, black and grey to choose from. I know, I know you’re thinking, “dude the things you find shocking are so not shocking” but they are to me. I lived most of my life as “big” person so now that I’m not so big lots of things are just new and shocking to me.

I just realized that I’ve surpassed 100 posts on this blog so hopefully everyone who reads it finds it at least somewhat useful, if not that’s cool too, it is still just therapy for me. 🙂




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