Roasted “New Year’s” Prime Rib

January 1, 2013

To be honest, I’ve never cooked prime rib before and I wouldn’t have now because it is FATTY but it was also New Years “so”, I thought, “why not?”  The first thing I learned is that there is a reason they charge so much for it in restaurants, it is expensive if you buy the good stuff and, well, you should definitely buy the good stuff. I googled around for a good recipes and kinda just pieced one together from what I found and, well, it came out pretty good or really good judging by the low amount of leftovers. Anyway, here we go.


Get a 4 to 5 pound or so prime rib, have the butcher trim the fat and cut and tie the bones back, it will make your job much easier in the kitchen. Once you get the beef home, pretty much all the recipes agree, let the meat come up to nearly room temperature before you do anything. Once that is ready, plop the meat into a roasting pan and pat the outside with a good, high quality Worcestershire sauce — this wasn’t in any of the recipes but it just made sense to me — salt and pepper liberally and, if you don’t have a wife or husband that hates spiciness then some cayenne peppers wouldn’t be a sad thing either. I put some broccoli and cauliflower on the bottom of the pan and put the roast on top. Put your oven on broil and put the roast in the oven, let the meat char/sear for about 10 – 12 minutes and then reduce the heat to about 325 and cook for about 2.5 hours (for rare) — take it out of the oven once it reaches about 10 degrees prior to your desired temperature, cover it with foil and let it “cook” for about 10 more minutes, slice and serve. You can make a gravy out of the drippings if you want, I didn’t because, well, gravy. I served with horseradish sauce. Enjoy.


"New Years" Prime Rib

“New Years” Prime Rib

"New Years" Prime Rib

“New Years” Prime Rib

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