Well Rock My World And Tell Me More About How Small I Am

November 14, 2012

I used to get really annoyed when people were constantly commenting on how small I was getting. At first it was because I didn’t or couldn’t believe them but now I think I might be becoming an attention hound, a trait I really don’t have. I have actually been enjoying folks telling me how small I’m getting and how amazed they are that I’ve lost so much weight. You know what? That has to be healthy to a degree, no? I mean I’m now down 178 pounds (as of this morning) and only have about 25 more to go so I should be excited an proud, right? Like I said, I am to a degree but getting attention for that sort of thing makes me really uncomfortable but it is getting better.


Some stats update so everyone (including me) can see what a drastic difference this is for me:

Starting waist size: 54     Now: 38

Starting ring size: 11.5     Now: 9 (Lost and recovered my wedding ring three times before I finally went tonight to get it sized down)

Starting neck size: 22.5   Now: 16

Starting sport coat size: 60  Now: 44L


Those are some really big differences and I’m pretty excited about them. 🙂

Let me know what you think...

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