These Are The Times That Try Mens’ (okay my) Souls…Infections Suck

November 14, 2012

It is pretty well documented that I have really annoying/wicked illness that leaves me with little defense against random infections and other fun things. A couple of weeks ago I had to go to urgent care because of a massive earache, now I get ear infections a lot so I wasn’t terribly concerned because it is the one thing I typically get over quickly. Of course…not this time.

This particular ear infection had moved from my middle ear to the space between my jaw and ear (I might be describing that wrong) and was causing all sorts of nasty problems that I won’t go into detail here. Needless to say its been a trying couple of weeks and I’m finally starting to feel better after lots of antibiotics and shots. The best part is (okay not even close to being a best part of anything) I have about 70% hearing loss as a result in my right ear. They’re not sure if its going to return or not and can’t say what the long term effects will be even if I do recover some of the loss. I love doctors, I guess that’s why they call it practice. :-/



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