Evernote: The Myth, The Legend

November 14, 2012

Let me be clear up front I am an Evernote fanboy and I have been really since it has existed. I can take notes in a meeting, or jot down some work ideas at the doctor’s office on my iPad and it is all available everywhere on any device. I can’t sell this point enough for me, it is really important for it to not be locked up in some proprietary mess of an application but I digress away from the technical and will save that for my other blog. I mean I literally use Evernote all the time, that and Dropbox are definitely my two favorite “cloud” services ever. This takes us to this morning…

I was sitting in my doctor’s waiting room like every Wednesday jotting some notes down and noticed there were some updates for my Android device. While I was updating I surfed around Google’s Play Store and then I saw it, right there staring me in the face, I didn’t know how long it had been there and I didn’t care, it had to be mine. The “it” in this case was Evernote Food which is basically Evernote all prettied up to be a food journal. It allows you to upload pictures of the food and caption/tag them for posterity and sharing later. This is fantastic if you want to keep a food journal (like I want to) but are too lazy to write down everything you eat. Also, I really like them branching off their core technology to offer niche services.

I haven’t messed with it too much because I just found it this morning but I am looking forward to exploring it quite a bit. Hopefully it won’t sour on me like most shiny new things I like but we’ll see.  Again to sum up, Evernote is awesome, you should be using it, no they don’t pay me and Evernote Food seems like a great idea.

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