Man (Manly Man), Man In Tights…

October 29, 2012

If you get that song reference then I applaud you for being a true Mel Brooks fan, if you didn’t, you are a sad blight on the face of the planet. Either way, this is a story about a man, a man in tights. My weight loss adventures have been fraught with many an obstacle with the biggest one being, oddly, the cold! Apparently when you lose the weight equivalent of one adult male your body doesn’t stay warm like it used to, who would’ve thought it? This has introduced me to a whole different world, a world of never-ending  drama, a world that as a bigger person I never would’ve encountered, the world of layers.

I should say that I used to be THAT guy, I walked around in short sleeves, shorts, limited clothing during the winter. I would have a coat but short sleeves underneath and no t-shirt. Of course I live in the United State Midwest so it gets really cold here but it never bothered me. Fast forward now, a tad over 170 pounds gone and I am cold all the time, even when it is 70 degrees (fahrenheit) outside. Now that it is getting to our Winter time cold has turned to freezing so something had to be done.

We are currently experiencing 30/40 MPH winds here and they are the cutting kind of cold and they go right through me. My wife, a professional freeze baby all her life, explained to me that the answer is in the layers. “Brilliant!” I thought, “layers, that should be fun.” Little did I realize at the time what that meant. We went shopping for these so-called layers which really turned out to be nothing more than tights, that’s right, tights, just like superheroes wear. I rolled my eyes, hemmed and hawed until finally buying a pair just to placate her. All the while thinking “these will never be comfortable, never.”  That was two weeks ago and yesterday, because of the winds, was the first time I really wore them. I layered the tights with jeans, plus a t-shirt, a thermal shirt and a heavy sweater plus a jacket. You know what? Best decision ever, they are comfortable and most importantly they are warm. Moral of the story? Men in tights (despite the reviews) aren’t so bad after all. Stay warm out there people and if you’re on the east coast of the US, be safe.




  1. No more Robinhood Men in Tights for you, LOL! I feel your pain, appearently having a blocked cardiac artery is an internal heater as well. Now that its unblocked I have been freezing my butt off wearing layers and sitting in front of the heat.

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss! I know how hard it is. When I was 18 I weighed 330lbs, and I had finally had enough. I decided to exercise daily, and eat better, and today I’m 25 and I weigh 150lbs. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to accomplish something so big, so congratulations on your weight loss success!

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