Something About Lamb

October 17, 2012

I’m going to say this straight away, I don’t really like lamb. I decided to cook it only because a) I’m really stuck and getting frustrated (more on that later) and b) I was bored by cooking the same things even if they’re in new ways so I came up with a lamb recipe. It is terrible so don’t cook it but I’ve made commitments to some folks I would update this blog with everything I cook so here we go:


In a skillet, put some olivio (duh) and about a 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar (remember, don’t cheap out on it) and let it simmer for about five minutes or so, stirring often. Add in some black pepper, garlic and salt then add in your cut up lamb tenderloin. Cook it, mixing it up often until done, top with feta. I served with steamed spinach and green beans and added some ginger but don’t do that either because ginger and lamb REALLY doesn’t mix well. There you go, the recipe you should NEVER cook. Here’s a pic of the gross:


Gross Lamb

Gross Lamb

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