Self Improvement 101

October 8, 2012

Don’t do stupid stuff. That’s the best advice I have for self improvement…I wish I would’ve had that advice about 72 hours ago. I know better than to do stupid stuff because stupid stuff ALWAYS turns around and bites me, always. I’ve never been particularly wrapped up in my looks, call it a guy thing, call it whatever, I just haven’t. I didn’t care if I was fat or skinny or ugly or anything else, it simply didn’t affect my sense of myself. Enter all this weight loss and suddenly I care a little, I don’t know when it happened but it did. Due to the fact I care a little bit more I decided to go to a dentist that specializes in, let’s say, cosmetic dentistry mainly because I had some weird-looking stains on my teeth since starting this diet (apparently they are vegetable stains) but listening to this guy you would think I have the worst teeth on the planet. He wants to do basically about $20,000 worth of work when every dentist I’ve been to for regular care says my teeth are in great shape and didn’t really need much work (in my nearly 40 years on Earth I have had two cavities), he even admitted that they’re in pretty good shape but added “they could be prettier.” Sure they could but I’m not sure they’re going to be $20,000 worth of pretty. Fast forward to last Friday.

Now I’ve said repeatedly that I’m not hung up on my looks and I’m not but one thing has ALWAYS bothered me, I was tongue-tied, which basically means that I couldn’t stick my tongue out of my mouth very far and various words would give me a hard time. When I was younger my older sister (Hi Lynn) would tease me mercilessly about it and since it drove me to learn to be a better speaker I’ve never been particularly angry at her over it, it just really bothered me. My wife used to love to tease me about it too so it is an issue, albeit a minor one. Add all this up with a dentist who tells me he can “take care of it” with little to no pain or recovery period then the fact that he used a LASER and I was sold. This is where all the trouble began…I know better than to think any unnecessary medical procedure is going to be easy or painless for me, it just never works that way.

It started out fine and he numbed my tongue and start with the laser, smelling burning flesh is never fun but that was the only unpleasant part of the procedure and the whole thing lasted less than 10 minutes (about 7 minutes is my best guess from doing basic clock math) so that part was as promised. I felt nothing and could stick my tongue out of mouth a bit further than before, not much but a bit plus I could touch all of my teeth with my tongue and the roof of my mouth, I could do neither before. Sounds like a success right? Ha! Never! Friday night I was in excruciating pain, now I have a very high threshold for pain and I’m not much of a whiner about it but this was pretty bad. My tongue was swollen and it was a little difficult to breathe and I had a wicked sore throat. Saturday was a little better but the sore throat remained just no swelling. Today I’ve had some pain and some difficulty eating but neither as bad as the last two day but the sort throat persists. I’m supposed to go back tomorrow at 9:00 for a checkup so I suppose I’ll complain then. I have enough problems so I really should’ve known better.

The point of this is, don’t be so hung up on silly things that don’t really matter (like being tongue-tied) especially when you know you don’t live in a world with simple medical procedures. Certainly don’t do it so you can stick you tongue out a millimeter more. I learn these lesson as I go or at least I try to. By the time this publishes I will most likely be out of the appointment so I’ll update in the comments the results when I’m done.


Ref: Lingual Frenectomy

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