Workout Update: Week Four

September 27, 2012

Well I’ve kept at it for roughly four weeks now. This week I bumped up both my elliptical and my stationary bike training, going 30 minutes on the former and 20 on the latter. Then about 15 minutes of weight training. I do that about four times a week and in the intervals I do kickboxing or absolutely nothing. I’m starting to build up some restraint for my hatred of the whole activity and am noticing my stamina increasing quite a bit. I’ve also started taking the stairs at work for a quick hit during the day, we’re only three floors up but it’s something, I also take the stairs at most of my doctor’s appointments except the ones on like the tenth floor, I’m not that brave yet. 🙂

I have also started hating my Nike FuelBand and I’ve had the FitBit Zip for a little while now and I don’t care for it much either. Next month I’m going to try to acquire another piece of tracking tech and I’ll review that here. The FitBit Zip has great battery life but doesn’t see any more accurate than the FuelBand. The FuelBand has a terrible battery and needs to be charged no less than every other day but usually every day. I’m still considering taking up jogging and I’m going to discuss it with my doctor in the next couple weeks so more to come on that as well.

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