Trading In My Hoodie For A Blazer….Maybe

September 21, 2012

Now look, I’m a geek, I mean, it’s right there in the title of my blog so most of the time I dress like a geek. Ironic t-shirts, check, comic book tees, check, movie tees, double check, then I toss on some jeans and a hoodie (this is relatively new because as I’ve gotten smaller I’ve gotten COLDER) and I’m all set. Unfortunately dressing in this sort of sloppy manner isn’t really my style, if a person has such a thing, I like nicer clothes and hate to look sloppy. This has always been a source of great debate with some of my peers because most of the tech industry, especially the deeper technical side, simple loathes nice clothes. I’ve had folks refuse to go to award banquets in our company’s honor simply because they had to wear a suit, it is THAT deep. When people have that level of hatred for a certain style of clothing it tends to make them immediately distrust someone who dresses like that, it is one of the only industries I can think of that judges your actual skill by how you dress, okay maybe artists too.

I have to admit I am guilty of this behavior too, I look at some of the consultants who tool around in their three-piece and think “there is simply no way he knows what he’s doing, he’s trying too hard.” I get it, I suppose it is human nature but I’m not even talking about just a suit, I used to get funny looks for just wearing a blazer, even if it was over a tshirt, seriously. Again I don’t put much stock in what other people think or say or whatever, I’ve been alive too long to care but if you want to know why tech people (and artists) aren’t taken terribly seriously in the business world, this attitude is a big reason. Again I don’t really believe that if you wear a suit you’re somehow not as bright technically and conversely just because you dress in a hoodie, jeans and sneakers you somehow have some transcendent technical knowledge, both arguments are nonsense but both seem to be prevalent throughout either the technical world and the business world.

Now I’m not talking about changing up my hoodie for a suit every day, that’s just not going to happen and would make my general coding life miserable but I am thinking about changing it up for a blazer or two. This is not because I think I need to dress more professional for my career or anything but simply because I like to dress nice and now that I’m quite a bit smaller my options are expanded exponentially. When I was bigger I could find nice clothes but some of them would’ve bankrupted me had I bought them, now that I look around more the stuff for smaller people is much more affordable. I know this should common sense but I’ve lived in an XL world for so long that I forgot you don’t need to spend a mint just to look nice. Once I am at my goal I will be restocking my wardrobe with nicer clothes and less crap clothes but that doesn’t mean all of my tshirts are going away, they’re just getting dressier covering.



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