Workout Update

September 20, 2012

Today I entered roughly week three of my light workout regimen and it is going okay. Don’t expect too many excited posts about huge breakthroughs I am having during working out, it is not going to happen because as I’ve told you, I hate working out. I did bump up my time on the elliptical and am now hitting 3 miles on it regularly. I was already hitting 3 miles on the stationary bike so I think 6 miles total is plenty, no matter what my Nike FuelBand seems to think. That is the other update, I’m not digging it too much so I’m going to go back to using the FitBit and see if I like it better, if I recall correctly it was at least accurate and the FuelBand doesn’t seem to be that accurate.

I also bumped up my weight lifting routine a little bit, from five sets of ten to ten sets of ten. I do seem to be getting a bit stronger from that change alone and I’m working in some ab work, much to my chagrin but the definition is starting to come as well so I guess that’s good. I’ve also noticed that since bumping up these things I’m not sleeping as well, no idea if its related but since I don’t sleep much anyway it isn’t that much of a big deal.

One other thing I have noticed though is that the more regularly I work out, the hungrier I feel throughout the day. I’m trying to counter this by moving my workouts to the evening just before dinner, we’ll see how it goes. Any advice is welcome as usual, this is one are where even my research-bent mind is bored and I’m a guy who researches everything and anything so you know it must be bad.


  1. You should feel hungrier the more you workout. As you get acclimated to regimented workouts, you will notice this concept even more…your body continues to burn cals post workout. Don’t worry about replenishing, you will burn the cals off anyway.

    • Yeah I only get 900 calories a day so I’m a little concerned about maintaining my energy level.

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