Stress Eating — Trying To Survive

September 18, 2012

The last couple of weeks I have been under an immense amount of stress, personal, work, etc, just loads of it. Usually I don’t really acknowledge it and just carry on but I have been having this intense urge to just say “to hell with it” and eat and eat. As I’ve said before, stress eating was never really my problem nor the reason I was huge but somehow it is becoming a problem. I have only succumbed to the urges twice and both times came to my senses before any real damage was done. I am starting to understand why it is so hard for folks to keep weight off who are naturally stress eaters. I am trying really hard not to become one, wish me luck, it feels like I’m going to need it.

One comment

  1. […] my “week from hell” last week when I was really having some stress eating issues, I was able to look at my behavior objectively to kinda figure out why I wanted to eat a chocolate […]

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