The Workout Routine

September 12, 2012

Alright so like I’ve said a few times, I HATE working out. Due to my immune system being as poor as it is I can’t go the gym so I have that going for me. 🙂  I have a mini-gym in my basement that is currently supporting my needs, I have a stationary bike, an elliptical, a heavy boxing bag and finally a weight machine. I usually start off with the stationary bike, about 3 miles at a time then a 1/2 mile to a mile (depending on how I feel) on the elliptical. I then life weights in various way (bench press, shoulder press, squats and crunches) and then I hit the heavy bag for about twenty minutes or so, again depending on how I feel. I usually do a walk or two during the day when I can but that is about it for my workout regimen as it currently stands. I also, as I’ve noted here , have a Nike FuelBand that tracks my activity during the day. I’m not entirely sure how accurate it really is but it does encourage me to keep my butt moving throughout the day.

I’ve read  a lot on how you should alternate your exercises every day or so basically do cardio one day weights the next and alternate the weights for targeting different body areas. Honestly, I’m not sure I know how to do that so I’m still trying to learn and tweak the program a bit.  I’m looking for some pointers, hints, things I’m doing wrong, etc if anyone is dishing them out. At any rate, some people have asked what I’m doing and the above is it. I’m not as disciplined about it as I am about what I eat but I am trying REALLY hard to do so. Wish me luck.

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