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Wood Roasted Whole Chicken

August 4, 2012

Today I grilled my backside off. I dunno why, I was just in the mood. First up is one of my favorites to do when I feed myself for a couple of days, roasted chicken. This one I decided to do on the wood grill because, as discussed, I love grilling with wood. Away we go:


First, wash the whole chicken (yes, the WHOLE chicken) and be sure to remove the innards if any. Flip the chicken over so you can see its back and then with a pair of sharp kitchen scissors cut along one side of the spine until the chicken is separated, then cut the other side and discard spine. Flip chicken back over and push down until you hear a slight snap. Under the legs there should be two small flaps of skin, cut a hole in each one and stick the end of the leg through it. This is called “spatchcocking” a chicken and it makes a delicious chicken and cuts down on your grill time plus its a really really fun word to say, go ahead and say it, you know you want to. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of brining birds so I like to season the bird well and put an Olivio/rosemary/thyme mixture under the skin. Usually I then use a pre-mixed chicken seasoning or rotisserie chicken pre-mix spice. Slap him on the grill backside down, and grill for about 40 minutes or until done. Doing it this way makes the bird remain very juicy and best of all, no flipping! Enjoy.


Wood Roasted Chicken

Wood Roasted Chicken