Workout Plan Part I or Nike Got Me Again

August 27, 2012

Here is the truth, completely unadulterated, I hate working out. I hate ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes (hate the least). The only things I don’t mind too much are the heavy bag and lifting weights, that’s because I really like to hit things and work out my frustrations that way. Basically, I guess, I hate cardio, even when I was younger and more in shape I hated cardio. Now that that is out of the way and I’m trying to get myself healthier I guess I’m figuring out that working out is a necessary evil because, well, I don’t want to be all flabby when the rest of this weight comes off and working out is the only way I know of to avoid that. I’m building a new routine that is heavy on the cardio (because that’s the best way to tone up and shed fat so even though I hate it, I’m going to do it) and uses light weights and kickboxing (because I love those activities). Basically to augment all of that I want to increase my daily activity like taking the stairs, walking around more and possibly, though I’m not completely sold on it, running. The geek side of me said I needed to measure my current activity so I can know what I’m increasing from. Enter Nike+ Fuelband .

The Nike+ Fuelband is basically a really fancy pedometer that keeps track of steps, calories burned (estimated) and your accumulated “NikeFuel.” NikeFuel is a completely made up metric that is entirely useless, the ones I care about are the steps (activity) and calories burned (estimated is better than nothing). I got my Fuelband today and got it all set up, it was painfully easy to do, just plug the thing in to the USB port, go to the website on the box and click next while answering questions. After you let it charge, which is quick, you put the thing on and it just collects the data about you. So far I have only one real complaint about it, it is uncomfortable, especially when trying to type so I doubt I’ll be wearing it much while at my desk or sleeping but otherwise it will probably be okay. I’ll update more as I use it and maybe post some pretty screenshots of my progress, etc. Wish me luck.




  1. Just a small update to this, so far the battery life on the fuelband is terrible. Less than 24 hours and it was down nearly 60%. I hope it magically gets better.

  2. […] can but that is about it for my workout regimen as it currently stands. I also, as I’ve noted here , have a Nike FuelBand that tracks my activity during the day. I’m not entirely sure how […]

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