Old Navy — Not Because I Wanted To But Because I Could

August 8, 2012

Today (and I know I’ve threatened this for a while) I went shopping at Old Navy. This was definitely not because I wanted to but because I could. I’ve never really been a fan of their clothes or anything, not that I would know since I could never shop there but an ex-girlfriend of mine LOVED their clothes so she was in there almost every weekend. One time I went in with her and wasn’t even looking at anything for me but was told, “I’m not sure we would have your size sir, sorry.” I’ve heard that a lot because, well, I like nice clothes. One thing about so-called “nice clothes places,” they don’t really cater to big people, they just don’t. Now let me define “nice clothes,” basically not really Old Navy or the other place that was really rude to me once, Banana Republic. The nice clothes I like now come from places that are actually nice. 🙂  Yes, I’ve become a bit of a clothes snob, I admit, but I’ve noticed today and over the weekend that I’ll get over it, I paid $22 for a pair of jeans today, TWENTY TWO DOLLARS! I have not paid that little for jeans (because I had to shop in big man sections/stores) in years. I have no real point to this post other than, yay, I can shop at normal people stores now and I think I’m going to save a lot of money.





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