Beware The Cheerleaders

July 29, 2012

When you lose a lot of weight you will start to notice certain groups of people. Well OK maybe if you’re weird like me you do and one of these groups are the cheerleaders. Usually they know about your achievement because someone tells them, I talk about my weight and health in this blog but I don’t meet random people and say “nice to meet you I’ve lost…” That would be weird so normally other people tell them, family, friends or whatever. That’s when you’ll notice the cheerleaders.

They mean well, saying things like “congratulations!” That is almost always followed by an exasperated “I could NEVER do that” where they go on to tell you how they could never lose that nagging five pounds or could never refuse that pie or cookie. Here’s the rub cheerleaders are almost always smaller people without a weight problem, they’re never people who have to lose large amounts, they’re always people with five or six pounds to lose. I think it is really a lack of empathy on their part to realize that all weight loss is not the same. You can lose five pounds by cutting out soda for a week or so and drink more water, it is quite another to lose the amount of weight the cheerleader weighs.

Some of this is the result of my obsessive people watching and borderline manic need to classify people and yet a lot of it is genuine annoyance that people can’t just be happy for someone and move on. This is the same phenomena I’ve noticed when you have an older relative or pet, inevitably someone comments  “your grandmother is sick? That’s awful, I remember when I had to put my dog down.” Do they really think that helps?

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