Three Pounds & Counting

July 20, 2012

The other day I reported that I had seven more pounds to go before I have officially lost 100 pounds. Believe me I understand what an accomplishment that is and for sure I posted it to mainly keep myself moving in the correct direction after a few days of weakness. I didn’t outright cheat or anything (okay so I might’ve had a little, very little chocolate) but I was feeling the weakness settling in so I posted it. The reaction has been pretty awesome, people congratulating me and everything and honestly I am a little confused.

I didn’t start eating right/healthy/whatever to lose weight, I’ve said it a couple of times that that was not my primary goal. I wanted to both feel better and get my blood sugar under control and that’s the rub. My blood sugar has not been above 95 in about five months and I’ve been eating pretty healthy for about six months. The problem? I’m not really feeling any better. I know that I’ve dropped a lot of weight pretty quickly and I think that really highlights how poorly I was eating before. I say poorly because I never really ate a lot, I just ate badly. A whole plate of carbs basically for breakfast (when I ate it), lunch and dinner with very little balance to it, very poor. Here the basic breakdown.

I was misdiagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, the actually problem I have causes that sort of diagnosis. Without getting too technical or too personal, I basically have a horribly broken immune system. When germs come in, instead of fighting them off, my immune system welcomes them in and helps them set up shop for a while. It is essentially a birth defect, which has haunted me for most of my life and it sucks. I never expected that to get better with eating better or weight loss but I really did expect to at least feel better, not be so tired all the time or at least have a bit more energy. The truth is, I don’t. I do not feel any better now than I did nearly a hundred pounds ago. Headaches all the time, tired all the time and not a normal kind of tired but a “you seriously expect me to open eyes and move this week, I don’t think so” kind of tired. It is fairly annoying and I was really expecting better. Trust me, simply losing weight, even successfully is not enough so here’s my next phase plan.

Hopefully this coming week, my energy level be damned, I will be starting a workout program. I’ve been walking a bit but really haven’t done much working out with this eating plan. I’m going to be really striving to do this 4 or so times a week and will report back here on my progress. Wish me luck and as always and advice or recommendations are appreciated.

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