Feeling Groov….er….COLD

July 20, 2012

The biggest side effect of losing weight that I’ve noticed is that I am cold ALL THE TIME. I’ve read that sometimes this is because of your body going into “conversation mode” and basically slowing down your metabolism. I don’t think this is what is going on because I’m still losing weight at a  pretty good clip.

It’s really getting distracting, it is July 20/almost 21 and we just wrapped up, what I guess from news reports anyway, the worst heat wave ever. Right now it is around 70 degrees fahrenheit and I am wrapped up in a heavy comforter, after spending the day in my office with a space heater on. This sucks!

I’ve had the vents in my office taped up to keep them from blowing on me and almost broke down and wore gloves today while I typed. I am seriously hoping to get over it and adjust soon because honestly I’m simply not used to being cold. When I was bigger, I could walk outside in 20 degree temperatures in shorts and t-shirt and it wouldn’t bother me at all. Now I’m feeling a little chilly when its in the 80s. I guess sometime soon (like August) the wife, who is also cold all the time, will go sweater and winter coat shopping. I might even seriously consider moving someplace warmer just to avoid the cold, I really don’t like it anymore.



Former Cold Lover Turned Freeze Baby

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  1. Welcome to my world we are glad to have you 🙂

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