Restaurants and “Healthy” Food

June 6, 2012

What I’m learning is that basically, eating at restaurants a lot is simply not good for you. I know, I know, stop the presses and issue a full alert. My lovely wife and I used to eat out ALL the time, 5 sometimes 6 days a week because, well, it was easier than cooking even though we both love to cook, go figure. I’m not talking about fast food restaurants either, I’m talking about local places and a few chains (very few, we stayed away from a lot of them). You would think we would’ve been doing okay by staying local and out of the chains, as I’m learning this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I have always liked to taste my food along with the spices and herbs that complement it. I never needed a lot of fancy sauce or large amounts of condiments to go with it, just food, a little spice and sometimes butter. Mostly I would order from the “from the grill” section that most places have some version of, thinking that would limit a lot of the sodium, fat, etc that gets added with extra sauce. Again not because I was worried about that sort of stuff but because I like to taste my food and not a salt lick. As I look through some of the nutritional info of even some of our favorite local places I am kind of horrified with what I’m finding.

Salmon and Rice, in my head was pretty healthy but when you pack on 500mg of sodium and the added butter (or variant) the lower calorie and fat content is virtually wiped out. This is the same with a lot of the “grilled chicken” salads even before you add the horror show that is salad dressing offerings in restaurants. When I think back to all the stuff I used to eat it makes me wonder (given what I know for sure now) how I ever stayed at even the large weight I was. This stuff is basically poison (and no I’m not being overly dramatic) and I was eating it almost every day, sometimes for every meal. I’m pretty sure I’m not a dumb person, well mostly sure anyway but revelations like this make me wonder.

Again I’m learning things that I’m pretty sure I always knew but just kept hidden from myself. I do enjoy food again, I can actually taste it and I don’t feel as if I’m drowning in a bucket of thick oil after I eat. You know that feeling, just after you eat, where there is this coating in your mouth and runs down your throat, right? Come on, I can’t be the only one with that feeling. Anyway, I’m sure eventually I will eat out at places more regularly than I am currently and I hope that by then I’m smart enough to make much better choices than I used to.

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